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PBIS: Doyle Expectations

John J. Doyle

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are off to a great school year! There is lots of evidence of student learning taking place in the classroom. The staff at John J. Doyle is working hard to make it  a positive and productive school year.

Doyle School staff would like to introduce “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports” otherwise known as PBIS. PBIS is a school-wide initiative allowing Doyle students, staff, and parents to all be “on the same page” with regards to behavior expectations. We know that when good behavior and effective teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning. Our staff has been trained in this program, and we have been working with all of the students on the PRIDE expectations.

Implementing PBIS at Doyle will allow the opportunity for all students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. The overall goals of PBIS consist of:

Panther PRIDE!






Work through the challenge

Behave towards others and property in a polite way

Demonstrate the “WOW” factor

Set a goal, make a wise choice, and follow through

Go above and beyond with a growth mindset

As part of the PBIS program, we have established several clear guidelines for the behavior we expect in all areas of our school: campus, recess, classroom, and cafeteria. We will continue to teach and model the expectations to students and reward them frequently for demonstrating PRIDE. The expectations for all student behavior will be clear throughout our campus. You will be able to ask your child, “What are the expectations at your school?” “How do you meet those expectations?” “What happens when a teacher sees you meeting the expectations?”

Our school expectations provide for a safer school environment. By detailing expected behaviors and teaching kids in a positive way, we will build a positive school culture where all students will have a wonderful school experience.  

Thank you for your continued support. Go Panthers!  


Escuela John J. Doyle

Querido Padres,


Estamos frente a un gran año escolar. Este año ha habido mucho aprendizaje de los estudiantes en los salones y el personal de la escuela John J. Doyle está trabajando duro para que sea un año escolar positivo y productivo.

La escuela Doyle les gustaría introducir “Positivo Comportamiento Intervenciones y Ayuda” en otras palabras PBIS (en inglés). PBIS es un iniciativo de toda la escuela permitiendo los estudiantes, el personal, y los padres estar “en la misma página” con referencias de buen comportamiento y expectativas. Sabemos que con buen comportamiento y encanamento bueno nuestros estudiantes pueden exaltar en el aprendizaje.

Implementando PBIS en la escuela Doyle les ayudará a los estudiantes tener más oportunidades para alcanzar objetivos sociales, emocionales, y éxito académico. La meta de PBIS consiste de: “PRIDE”

Pantera Orgullo!






Trabajar a través del desafío

Comportarse con los demás y la propiedad de una manera educada

Demostrar el factor WOW

Establecer un objetivo, hacer una buena elección y seguir adelante

Ir más allá con una mentalidad de crecimiento


Como parte del programa PBIS, estamos estabelecendo ciertas reglas para comportamiento para la escuela: recreo, salón, y cafetería. Estaremos continuando a enseñar buen exportaciones a los estudiantes y recompensa para el buen comportamiento. Las expectaciones para todos los estudiantes será muy clara dentro de la escuela. Usted le podrá preguntar a su hijo/a “ Que son las expectaciones de tu escuela”? “Como tu llegaras a la meta de las expectaciones”? “Que pasa cuando tu maestra mira que tu llegas a tu meta”?

Las expectaciones de la escuela es tener una escuela más segura, Esto será posible con buen comportamiento y enseñando a los estudiantes ser positivos. Crearemos una cultura positiva y todos los estudiantes tendrán una experiencia maravillosa.

Detallando los comportamientos esperados y enseñar a los niños de una manera positiva, vamos a construir una cultura escolar positiva donde todos los estudiantes tendrán una experiencia maravillosa.Gracias por la continuación de su apoyo,


Vamos Panteras!




John J. Doyle Elementary

Positive Attitudes Will Succeed!





Work through the challenge


Behave towards others and property in a polite way


Demonstrate the WOW factor


Set a goal, make a wise choice, and follow through


Go above and beyond

with a growth mindset


  • Make good choices
  • Walk to your designated area
  • Acknowledge others and be polite
  • Respect all property and personal space
  • Terrific  transitions in the hallway
  • Use proper restroom and fountain etiquette
  • Be prompt and punctual to your destination
  • Stay in designated area
  • Be considerate of others
  • Be a positive role model


  • Practice self control
  • Follow expected procedures
  • Use kind words and actions
  • Care for equipment
  • Walk to class immediately after the bell
  • Solve problems in a mature way
  • Think before you act
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Include others and take turns
  • Model good citizenship


  • Use problem- solving skills
  • Complete tasks
  • Always do your best
  • Be responsible with all property and materials
  • Praise and encourage others
  • Be prepared and self motivated
  • Take pride in your work
  • Work together cooperatively
  • Stay focused
  • Be an active participant
  • Show S.M.A.R.T.
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Challenge yourself to do more than expected
  • Motivate others to achieve


  • Wait patiently in line
  • Maintain noise level 2
  • Respect your surroundings
  • Use your manners
  • Use proper  dining etiquette
  • Enter and exit properly
  • Keep your food on your tray
  • Follow expected procedures
  • Help keep cafeteria clean
  • Volunteer to help

        Noise Level 0 - silence, Noise Level 1 - whisper, Noise Level 2 – small group, Noise Level 3 – normal conversation, Noise Level 4 – presentation, Noise Level 5 - outside voice

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